Privacy Policy


Hi Dear Customer!

Welcome to Magic Group of Companies’ (MGC) official E-commerce website – hereunto referred to as the “website”/ “site”- where we aim to provide you with a hassle-free and customer-friendly online shopping experience for your everyday needs and more.

You may have questions on your mind especially with regards to your privacy and the information you will be required to share, hence this part of the website/app is dedicated to assuring you why we need to collect your information, why we store your information and the limitations of sharing your information as mandated by the law through the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

We know that you value your privacy and MGC is with you in protecting your information against online data theft and other online data perils.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before proceeding with any transaction on the site. You are automatically bound by these terms upon accessing the website to regulate your browsing activity inside the site. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use this website.


A. Products and services made available on this website include; 1) the site, b) applicable services such as but not limited to, customer support service, real-time currency conversion, c) applicable information, images, tags, and graphics of sold items, d) sound, music, content, software and page linkages.

B. reserves the right to revise any of the terms stated herein without your prior notice. Continued use of the website means your acceptance of these terms and any revision that may be applied in the future.

C. Magic Group of Companies reserves the right to modify or suspend any portion, provision and this entire website at any given time for any reason. Restriction and limitations in provided services and customer accessibility may be imposed by MGC and the website without prior notice at its sole discretion.

D. MGC will not be liable to fraud and leaked customer information in the event that the customer has accessed or made a transaction in the website using an unsecure browser or facility. Likewise, if the information used to carry out any transaction was attained by lending or theft.

E. Each affiliated seller/vendor on this website has their separate Terms and Conditions and MGC strongly advices customers to read each before proceeding with any transaction to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

F. MGC reserves the right to decide to reconcile conflicting parties at any such time that a like situation arises. Likewise, the right to sanction affiliated sellers who will be found guilty of offending, mishandling or undermining customer’s concern after proper investigation.

G. MGC reserves the right to terminate/discontinue customer access is found guilty of any of the following but not limited to 1) fraudulent activity, 2) joy reservist, 3) abusive behavior, and 4) threatening to this website and its affiliates.


Do we collect your Information?


Why do we collect your information?

Collection of your information is a way for us to give you a more personalized experience of our online shopping services. Your information also helps us improve our website, our customer service and transaction processes, as well as give us an indication on whether or not we are delivering you the complete online shopping experience and merchandise that you need. Information collection aides us in the administration of contests, promotions and survey on our features and send periodic emails regarding them which may interest you.

*Note: In the event that you find our newsletter a nuisance in your inbox, you may opt out of the automatic subscription anytime.

What information do we collect?

The information we collect from you are as follows but not limited to:

- name

- e-mail address

- mailing address

- credit card

** Note: The first three information listed above are pertinent upon registration in our website. It allows us to get acquainted with customers, as well as validate if the visitor/user is a legitimate person.

***Note: Your credit card information is important in processing your orders and transactions with us as we are piloting on catering for overseas customers. However, rest assured that our database is limited to asking this information from you every time you transact with us and will not in-anyway-retain your credit card information to protect your privacy and finances.

How do we protect your information?

We acknowledge that your information is valuable hence the implementation of a variety of security measures to maintain the secrecy and safety of your personal data especially when you place an order and submit or access your information in all your transactions with us.

Guaranteed is the use of a secure server. All sensitive information you put into our website is transmitted through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our Payment gateway providers’ database. Access thereof is isolated to authorized personnel with special access rights to the system, and are bound to keep your information confidential.

****Note: In the event that your child/children have access to your personal information as well as your sensitive information such as your credit card and its pin, please be guided that MGC is not liable for any unauthorized purchase in your behalf. Rest assured though that rigid implementation of our privacy policy is followed no matter who accesses and inputs information in our system. It is strongly advised though to keep such information from your children especially if they are minors.

Do we share your information to outside parties?

We handle your privacy and treat it equivalent to our own. We do not sell, trade or transfer any vital and private information to outside parties.

Parties who assist us in our transactions with you however have authorized access to your sensitive information (i.e. Credit card details for payment gateway) only in the event that you give your consent - by inputting necessary data in our system - which we assure you are kept confidential and without retention in all our database.

Will your information be accessed by third party links?

At some point, we may include offers from third parties in our website. These third party sites have their separate and independent policies though we have opened a link from our website to theirs. That said, MGC is not liable for any breach in content and activities when you opt to open their link to get redirected to their site. We however welcome any feedback or suggestion regarding such sites for the improvement of your online shopping and browsing experience with us.

Do we use cookies?

Yes. The use of cookies enables our site and other service providers to recognize your browser to remember and capture certain information.

Our website utilizes cookies to remember your browsing activity in our website to better understand, save your preferred items for your next visit, keep track of advertisements that may interest you and personalize your overall experience using our online shopping website.

Does this policy apply in all our transactions?

This privacy policy only applies to information collected through our website.

Policy changes and possible FAQ’s:

In the event that we may opt to change some of our policies and update our FAQ section, a bulletin will be posted in the homepage of this website announcing such with the modification date indicated below.


A) Products sold on the website may or may not have warranties and is solely the responsibility of the seller. Purchasing of goods and ensuring of its warranty is left to the discretion of the customer, but is strongly advised for the sellers to have it included in their product’s description especially for electronic gadgets, appliances, furniture’s and etc.

B) MGC does not guarantee the authenticity and effectivity of affiliate seller’s products and is left to the discernment of the customer and will not be MGC’s liability.

C) Purchases and transactions are the sole prerogative of the customer.

D) MGC will in no way be liable or implicated in any seller and customer conflict borne out of mishandled goods which resulted to its damage or malfunction. Complaints and its resolution will be between involved parties ONLY.

E) Customers may leave a rating for the seller from 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest, accompanied by a review. Consistent low rating and bad feedback will be grounds for sanction for the seller.

F) MGC reserves the right to a fair court trial in the event that any provision of law has been violated in the exercise of this website and these terms.


As a valued customer, you agree by these terms:

A) not to upload, transmit, post, comment or make available on this website any unlawful, abusive, threatening, vulgar, harassing, alarming, defamatory, ethnically or race sensitive, obscene, libelous and illegal content;

B) not use someone else’s identity and credentials or otherwise misrepresent your identity in making purchases and transactions on this website;

C) not use any URL shortened, mask site identifiers to hide communication transactions between you and this website;

D) not to remove and use for personal gain any propriety notices of this site;

E) not to copy and use this website’s contents without permission from MGC;

F) not to use services, promotions and vouchers of this site for the benefit of third parties especially competing businesses and services, or to undermine the law;

G) not use this site and its services for any fraudulent activity;

H) not to hack or disrupt any information, process, operation or content on this website;

I) not try to phish other user’s information;

J) not to upload malicious content such as viruses, junk mail, and other malwares to disrupt website interface and purchase transaction;

K) not to make joy reservations on any uploaded for sale items and promotions;

L) not to use this website and avail of its services to deliberately violate governing laws of country of origin of MGC;

M) not use this site and its services to covertly purchase and support terrorists and terroristic acts and be an accomplice to terrorism;

N) Understand that MGC reserves the right to share your information to governing laws and authorities if found possibly a member of a terrorist group, leftist group or a person with history of fraudulent activities.

You’re Consent:

By using Magic’s online shopping website, you agree that you have read and understood our privacy policy and consent thereby.